Why Taigai Singapore’s Beary Cute Series isn’t worth the queue: A Review

Taigai Singapore at Nex

Taigai Singapore recently ran a 1-for-1 promotion for their Beary Cute Series, which is essentially drinks with bear-shaped lids that remind you of a certain messenger app. There are 3 flavours to choose from, Beary Dark Co Co ($4.80), Beary Oolong Milk Tea ($3.50 with 1 topping of choice), and the classic Beary Milk Tea ($3.50 with 1 topping of choice). The drinks were supposed to come with decorative stickers but they ran out of it.

Taigai Singapore Menu

Snaking queues are a common sight for new bubble tea launches or promotions in Singapore, and this is no exception. There was a crowd but we were in the queue for only around 15 minutes.  There were about 9 staffs or so in the store on a Sunday afternoon so I guess that explains the short wait. If the self-ordering counters were working, the queue would have been much shorter I suppose.

Taigai Singapore nex

Taigai originated from Shenzhen, China and has over 60 stores in its hometown. It is also known for drinks with milk cheese foam as well. The difference is Taigai infuses fruits with their foam. For unknown reasons, bubble tea chains with “cheese crowns” are sprouting everywhere!

Taigai Singapore Beary Cute Series

We got one of each flavour to try out. After all it’s 1-for-1!

Taigai Beary Cute Series
From left to right: Beary Oolong Milk Tea with Golden Pearls, Beary Milk Tea with Nata de Coco, Beary Dark Co Co

Unlike most bubble tea stores, Taigai does not offer customisation of sugar level by percentage. The 3 levels you can choose from are normal, less sugar, or zero sugar.

Taigai Beary Milk Tea with Nata de coco
Beary Milk Tea with Nata de coco ↑

Beary Milk Tea with Nata de coco (Normal Sugar)

Author EleThis drink tasted like teh peng from the kopitiam left out for too long on a hot day after all of the ice have melted. There was barely any fragrance from the tea. We struggled to finish this drink and I would be hopping mad if I bought it at full price.
Author HHHI think it tastes ok but there’s nothing special about it. Can probably find better milk teas from other stores.
Author JoePersonally I feel that you can gauge the standard of a bubble tea’s brand by simply buying their standard milk tea. I can safely say that I can stay true to this assumption. Just like the “Beary Co Co”,  the flavour was sub-par; mildly tasting similar to that of what you can get off a kopitiam nearby. The flavour of the tea was lacking and the first reaction that many of us got were along the lines of “plain, diluted sugar water”. What made it worse? Our decision to get it with the nata de co co. 11/10 would not recommend. (5.5/10 would not recommend if you’re getting it with the 1-for-1 deal)
Taigai Beary Oolong Milk Tea with Golden Pearls
Beary Oolong Milk Tea with Golden Pearls ↑

Beary Oolong Milk Tea with Golden Pearls (Normal Sugar)

Author EleI don’t think I’ve tasted an Oolong tea as bland as this before. The others seem to like though. Thankfully the pearls were chewy. It is the only thing I enjoyed from this drink.
Author HHHThe taste is relatively decent. Nothing special. I would not have bought if there was no 1-for-1 deal.
Author JoeThe saving grace of the series. Much to the disagreement of my other mates, I honestly felt that their Oolong Tea had a decent amount of fragrance and aroma (despite it being slightly overpowered by the amount of sugar they threw into my cup). Still, I have not known any other bubble tea outlet to screw up a cup of Oolong so I’ll give this a 6/10.
Taigai Beary Dark Co Co
Beary Dark Co Co ↑

Beary Dark Co Co (No sugar level customisation)

Author EleHad high hopes for Dark Co Co, considering it to be the priciest and most gram-worthy in this series. The usual rich chocolate flavour was absent and it ended up tasting like ordinary chocolate milk. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will purchase the Beary Series again until Taigai revises their recipe. Another point to note would be that drinks from this series are not their signature “cheese crown” drinks. Hopefully their signatures are better tasting.
Author HHHSlightly overpriced for a normal bubble tea that tastes pretty generic.
Author JoePoor naming aside, this tasted like something you can get off your local FairPrice or Prime supermarket in the dairy section. (It really just tastes like chocolate milk). The novelty swirl of the chocolate sauce did little to add to the flavour. The pearls were pretty nice though.

Outlet visited
TaiGai 台盖
NEX Shopping Mall
23 Serangoon Central, #B2-34 , Singapore 556083

Have you tried Taigai’s Beary Cute series? Did you get it at full price or during the 1-for-1 promotion? Did your drink taste better than ours? Let us know in the comments!

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