Cotton Dreams Review: Where Bubble Tea Meets Pastel

Cotton Dreams is a small pastel-themed bubble tea cafe nestled in a corner on the 2nd floor of *SCAPE. Opened in March 2018, they claim to be Singapore’s very first cotton candy and alcoholic bubble tea store. I believe they are still the only one at this point haha.

Cotton Dreams located in Scape

Seats are available in the store for you to indulge in your sweet treat, because I can already imagine the mess if you try to take out a drink topped with cotton candy.

Cotton Dreams Interior

The place was pretty quiet on a Sunday afternoon. I don’t think the store gets crazily packed on weekends, which makes it a great place to visit and take a break from shopping if you’re in town.

Cotton Dreams' Menu
There are several unusual/ interesting drinks on Cotton Dreams’ menu, but be sure to check with the staff on the availability
Cotton Dreams' Menu
The menu’s design reminded me of old school bubble tea stores.

There are 3 different types of pearls on the menu to choose from, but we were told that the Yogurt Burst Pearls are no longer in production, and black pearls were out of stock that day. That leaves us with only Strawberry Burst Pearls 😦

Cotton candy is also available as an add-on for $3.

Cotton Dreams Coconut Milk Tea and White Peach Oolong Tea
Cotton Dreams Coconut Milk Tea and White Peach Oolong Tea
White Peach Oolong Tea with Strawberry Burst Pearls
White Peach Oolong Tea with Strawberry Burst Pearls ($5.50)

I thought the White Peach Oolong Tea would be a good choice for me because I love peach tea. It was refreshing, and is exactly how you would imagine peach tea to taste like. The Strawberry Burst Pearls blended well with the flavours of the tea, but I’m not a fan of the plastic-like film.

The “Burst Pearls” mentioned are more commonly known as Popping Boba. These pearls are juice encased in a gel-like film, and bursts when bitten into. These are more commonly found in frozen yogurt than bubble tea stores here. Unlike traditional tapioca pearls, these do not require cooking and are fairly easy to make.

The fact that they are 2 times the price of black pearls would make me think twice about adding on.

Coconut Milk Tea with Strawberry Burst Pearls
Coconut Milk Tea with Strawberry Burst Pearls

Coconut Milk Tea sounded really exotic, but it was surprisingly tasty! As someone who doesn’t like coconut-infused products, I was so amazed by this drink. The coconut flavour complemented the milk tea so well I would definitely get this again.

If I could change one thing about this drink, it will be the pearls. Black pearls would have been perfect for this, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to try that out.

I’m not a fan of cotton candy or alcohol in my tea, but if it sounds like your kind of thing, please give it a try and let us know how it goes!

Other than bubble tea, the store also carries fancy cotton candy bouquets, earrings, and apparels for sale. Check out their website for more information.

Outlet visited
Cotton Dreams
*SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, #02-18D
Singapore 237978
Opens daily 11am – 9pm

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