Are Convenience Store Bubble Teas as Good as the Original?

7-Eleven has recently stocked up on bottled Bubble Tea to solve your 12am boba cravings. The drink has since gone viral because Singaporeans are just so addicted (me included haha), but does it truly live up to its “Bubble Tea” title? Here’s my review.

Peach Bubble Tea from 7-11
Peach Bubble Tea from 7-Eleven (2 for $3.60)

There was an intense peach fragrance when I first opened the bottle, pretty similar to opening a pack of peach jelly. The milk tea was unfortunately bland, and there was barely any peach flavour in it. I would rather get POKKA or Chun Cui He’s bottled milk tea over this any day.

Also, unlike traditional bubble tea, the pearls are made of Konjac and not tapioca. It lacks the chewy texture we would all go crazy for. Konjac is great, just not as pearls in my drink.

If I had a midnight boba craving, I guess I’d rather sleep it off.


During my time at the convenience store, I spotted another Bubble Milk Tea on the shelves. Unlike the viral Peach Bubble Tea, this actually tasted pretty decent!

Uni-President Bale Shake Bubble Milk Tea
Bale Shake Bubble Milk Tea from 7-Eleven (2 for $2)

I realised Bale Shake Bubble Milk Tea has been in Singapore for years and is widely available, but often overlooked. The drink is $1.30 each, or 2 for $2. Papaya Milk on the left of the photo is also included in the promotion.


While the name on the packaging says Bubble Milk Tea, there are actually no pearls in this drink. However, the tea was smooth, fragrant, and rich – exactly how a decent cup of  milk tea should taste. The taste is closer to Thai Milk Tea than Taiwanese Milk Tea, but I wouldn’t hesitate to get this again even if it doesn’t have pearls!

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Is crazy for Yakult Green Tea. Please dm if you know where the legendary Yakult Green Tea is in Singapore.

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