LiHO: Da Hong Pao Tea Review

LiHO recently launched a 1-for-1 Da Hong Pao Milk Tea promotion in collaboration with Shopee for the Lunar New Year. Da Hong Pao (translated as big red robe) is an atas dark oolong tea. Brown sugar pearls were also included, but the taste of brown sugar was so subtle it was almost non-existent 😦

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Flash your Shopee app at any LiHO outlet to redeem this promotion from 15 Jan 2019 to 15 Feb 2019.
LiHO Da Hong Pao Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls
I personally disliked the colour choice for the cup of LiHO’s Da Hong Pao Milk Tea

Before I talk about the drink, let’s take a look at the packaging. The brown sugar that lines the cup on the promotional  poster looks so good. Unfortunately, LiHO decided to go with an opaque cup which I felt looked pretty unpleasant. What a waste.

I got 70% sugar knowing that Oolong tea was going to be bitter, but that still wasn’t enough. There was a bitter aftertaste with each sip. The Da Hong Pao tea, milk, and brown sugar combination does not gel very well. It was neither creamy nor refreshing.

All in all, I would rate this drink 2/10 for both the packaging and taste. I would advise to avoid this drink unless you are:

  • Really adventurous
  • A big fan Oolong
  • Loves 1-for-1 deals

Tried the drink and felt otherwise? Drop us a comment on our Instagram. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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