Is LiHO’s Fresh Strawberry Latte Really Worth the Premium Price Tag? A Review.

Ask any bubble tea lover in Singapore and they would definitely have heard about LiHO’s Fresh Seolhyang Strawberry Series. It has been so heavily marketed recently and there were also cups designed specially for this series! That alone was enough to make me want to give it a try! At the price of $6.60 for the medium cup, this drink is a luxury. It is way more expensive than the rest of their menu, and I’m going to find out if it really is worth the premium price tag.

LiHO Fresh Strawberry Latte
LiHO’s Medium Fresh Strawberry Latte ($6.60)

All LiHO stores are covered in this pink strawberry wallpaper and there are gigantic standees outside, enticing you to spend your money. This is impossible to miss!


The area looks pretty amazing, but how does the drink fare? I would say it is decent. Lacks the wow factor, but doesn’t taste terrible.

The Fresh Strawberry Latte made from Seolhyang strawberries
The Fresh Strawberry Latte is made from milk and fresh Seolhyang strawberries from Korea

The bottom of the latte is filled with strawberries flown in from Korea! Some of the strawberries might be little sour, but the added strawberry syrup (reminded me of a certain fast food chain’s sundae) enhances the sweetness. On top of everything sits milk which tasted like the common off the shelf brands.

To be very honest, heading to the supermarket for milk and korean strawberries sounds like a pretty good alternative to this drink. The taste shouldn’t be too difficult to replicate, and you can make enough from the ingredients to share with your family and friends.

Should you still decide to go for this drink, try to finish it before the ice melts. The milk becomes pretty diluted and loses its creamy texture. I bet nobody likes diluted strawberry milk. Ask for less ice or drink it quickly!

*Edit: Seems like LiHO uses the cute strawberry cups for all drinks except the Da Hong Pao Milk Tea. It’s pretty sad to know that the cup isn’t unique only to this series 😦

Overall, I would rate the packaging 9/10 and 7/10 for the taste.

Outlet visited
Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, #B2-13
Singapore 238858

What do you think? Would you like to give LiHO’s Fresh Seolhyang Strawberry Series a try? Let us know in a comment or on our Instagram!

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