KECha: Premium Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea Review

Ke茶, or KECha in English, is a new concept beverage kiosk originating from Taiwan. They differentiate themselves from competition by offering a wide range of colourful yet healthy drinks. Posters promoting health benefits of their drinks can be found plastered around their stores but how healthy can bubble tea be, right?

KeCha Premium Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls
Premium Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls (S$4.60)

The Premium Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea looked pretty enticing so I got it with brown sugar pearls (S$3.80 + S$0.80). It’s strange how KeCha’s brown sugar drinks did not come with pearls (other brands would usually include), so I got their brown sugar pearls as an add-on because I just can’t resist the chewiness!

I really like how refreshing the drink is. The earl grey leaves a fragrant aftertaste that makes you want to go for more. Unlike the extremely creamy milk teas, KeCha’s Earl Grey Milk Tea has a very smooth texture, making it the perfect thirst quencher for Singapore’s hot weather. Shiok!


Unfortunately, I should have gotten the drink without pearls. The brown sugar pearls ($0.80) were slightly more expensive than normal pearls ($0.60), and I did not even taste a hint of brown sugar in them.

It became very obvious when I bought another brown sugar milk tea from a different place later on in the day. KeCha’s pearls were only soaked in brown sugar while other store’s have brown sugar infused. In the photos above, we can clearly see that KeCha’s pearls are black, not brown.

I would advise against adding brown sugar pearls if your KeCha drink already has brown sugar, since you’ll just be paying more for extra sugar.

KeCha also uses the bear caps that can be commonly found at other bubble tea stores, such as TAIGAI. Definitely cute but very overused. I personally prefer sealed cups as it prevents spillage better than the caps.

Overall, I would rate the packaging 4/10, and 7/10 for the taste.

Outlet visited
Yew Tee Point
21 Choa Chu Kang North, #B1-41 , Singapore 689578

Have you tried any drinks from KeCha? What do you think? Let us know in a comment or on our Instagram!

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