Winnie’s is the Place to Be for a Unique Bubble Tea Experience

Just a stone’s throw away from one-north MRT, Winnie’s is a Taiwanese bubble tea store that offers unique milk and fruit tea combinations you don’t usually find elsewhere. They also offer healthier toppings such as basil seed for those who are more conscious.

Winnie's Bubble Tea Store at one-north
A wall of lush greenery in the store. Great for photos!
Winnie's Store Exterior
You can’t miss Winnie’s with their unique turquoise sign

Located in Galaxis at Fusionopolis, Winnie’s main target audience is the office crowd. I’ve only been there in the evenings (I don’t work in the area haha) but I can imagine the crazy lunch crowd since they are the only store offering bubble tea in the vicinity.

Winnie’s also delivers at no additional charge to offices in Galaxis with a minimum order of 6 cups. More information can be found on their Facebook page. You can also look for them on Deliveroo and Grabfood if you are situated near one-north.

Winnie's Drink Menu
There are so many cool drinks on Winnie’s menu that I want to try!

I remember how intimidating it was the first time I looked at Winnie’s menu. There were so many special creations I’ve never seen before! From milk teas to ice blends, I’m sure there have something for everyone. It took a while for me to scan through. When in doubt, go for their signature drinks featured at the top of their menu!

Check out which flavour Winnie's is offering for their handmade pearls that day!
Check out which flavour Winnie’s is offering for their handmade pearls that day!
Interior of Winnie's
There are seats in store to chill while you enjoy your cup of boba

I really appreciate the effort Winnie’s team put into the store. The comfortable cafe atmosphere can really help people stressed out from work relax. Sipping on bubble tea during breaks sounds a lot like heaven to me hahaha.

Winnie's Drink Packaging
Drinks are served in a plastic bag with straw

The drinks are served with a bag and disposable straw. Let the staff know when ordering if you don’t need a bag.

Winnie's Organic Fuji Apple Green Tea with Pearls
Organic Fuji Apple Green Tea (S) with Pearls ($5.40)

Refreshing fruit teas are what I live for. The Organic Fuji Apple Green Tea is one of Winnie’s signatures. Topped with crunchy apple bits, the green tea and fruit slices complemented each other very well. There was no need for additional toppings but Winnie’s handmade pearls were so chewy I couldn’t resist.

Winnie's Lychee Rose Nectar with Aloe Vera ($4.10)
Lychee Rose Nectar (S) with Aloe Vera ($4.10)

I tried another signature drink during my second visit to Winnie’s. This drink is a pleasant mix of fruitiness and sweetness, and the juicy aloe vera was the cherry on top. A great thirst-quencher for fans of refreshing fruity drinks!

Winnie's Aqua Matcha Tea with Pearls
Aqua Matcha Tea (L) with Pearls ($5.80)

I was feeling a little more adventurous the third time, so I went ahead with a drink that sounded really unique. It was a terrible choice, but I should have seen it coming. The Aqua Matcha Tea tasted exactly like its name suggests – matcha with water. The common matcha drinks I am used to usually has a milky flavour to it, so I was a little stunned when I had my first sip. Would recommend this to people who are not a fan of sweet teas. The black sugar pearls that day were fantastic as usual though!

During my 3 visits to Winnie’s, the staff were always very friendly and welcoming (unlike a certain bubble tea chain*cough*). It’s a pity I never got to try their honey pearls though. Black sugar pearls were always the one available when I visited. I sure hope I get to try that out the next time I pass by!

Outlet visited
Winnie’s Singapore
Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Place, #01-34
Singapore 138522
Open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 9:30pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

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